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Shine Academy

“The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” – Diogenes Diogenes

SHINE Academy is setting the foundation by creating generational cycle breakers.

Program Overview

SHINE Academy is taking a real-life application approach by teaching students how to overcome obstacles by solving problems. As technological advancements continue to shape how we view our world and the way we learn, we are incorporating technology into our teachings and giving students an edge in learning.

SHINE Academy focuses on developing the cognitive skills of our students in order to contribute to the growth of the economy. The economic future of our states heavily depend on the strength of the education students in our schools are receiving now.

SHINE Academy focuses on planting the seeds of education into our youth to harvest the future generation of leaders.

What are we up against?

Some 1.1 million students drop out of school every year (EPE, 2012). For African American and Hispanic students across the country, dropout rates are close to 40 percent, compared to the national average of 27% (EPE, 2012).

Two-thirds of college professors report that what is taught in high school does not prepare students for college (Alliance for Excellent Education). This is increasingly problematic, because in order to earn a decent wage in today’s economy, most students will need at least some postsecondary education (U.S. Department of Labor).

SHINE Academy Services

Kindergarten – 5th Grade
  • One-on-One/Group Tutoring in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
  • Beginner Leadership, Self-Esteem, and Confidence Building
  • One-to-One Mentorship
6th - 8th Grade
  • STEM Engage
  • One-on-One/Group Tutoring in English, Mathematics, History, and Social Studies
  • Purpose and Reasoning
  • Intermediate Leadership, Self-Esteem, and Confidence Building
  • One-to-One Mentorship
9th – 12th Grade
  • One-on-One/Group Tutoring in All Subjects
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • College Preparation
  • Career Expos
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Advanced Leadership, Self-Esteem and Confidence Building
  • One-to-One Mentorship
SHINE Academy sets the foundation to creating generational cycle breakers.