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Our History

Serve. Hope. Inspire. Network. Empower.

A Foundation of Ideas.

Project SHINE was born in December of 2013 by Kyle King with a belief that, “You do not have to be at an Ivy League School, to be an Ivy League Student.” Kyle King witnessed first-hand the negative stereotypical views coming from a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) and the perception that his education was undervalued compared to the more prestigious universities. King wanted to change a mindset of mediocrity, and create awareness for the importance of educational excellence.

King believed that education is more than what is learned by way of textbooks and lectures. Education is being able to take what is taught, and use that information as the foundation to transform, transmute, and transcend forms of innovation in our society.

The focus of Project SHINE Today.

Project SHINE is now an educational service geared to increasing the intellectual standard by leveraging business partnerships and contributing efforts; to building educational awareness through connecting institutional knowledge with real life applications.

Project SHINE partners with Fortune 500 Companies and Local Businesses to bridge the gap between business and Academia. Real world problems can make sustainability issues more tangible and meaningful to students. Real examples provide concrete applications to knowledge and skills learned in the classroom as they relate to students themselves and society. Real examples also encourage students to be aware of the choices they make and how they fit into a greater societal context. Further, using examples from the real world demonstrates that, oftentimes, there is no perfect solution to a given problem. But, in doing so, gets students thinking about solutions, rather than just focusing on problems.

SHINE does more than just teaches students how to learn but also develops an understanding of social and professional etiquette in order to elevate communities by building strong leaders.

Project SHINE Impact.

Since we've started we have achieved extraordinary feats with our students:

  • Ten SHINE Ambassadors with Corporate Internships
  • Competitive College Scholarships and Financial Support Made Available to SHINE Scholars
  • Visual Increase in Student Morale in K-12 Level School Systems
  • Visual Increase in Test Scores in K-12 Level School Systems
  • 100% Graduation Rate of SHINE Scholars
  • 100% Student Internship Rate
  • 100% Career Placement Post Graduation
  • Students Maintained 3.5 GPA or Better
  • Students Maintained Placement on Deans List
  • Students Maintained Placement as Honor Roll Students
  • Students Awarded CO-OP and Intern of the Year Awards
  • Contributed over 3,000 Community Service Hours Annually